1. What is a merchant account?
A merchant account is an account or gateway set up by a credit card processing company such as VIP Merchant Account.com In order to accept credit card payments from your customers, it is required that you establish a merchant account in order to accept credit cards. With your merchant account, you will have the ability to process credit cards through a credit card machine and/or through the internet and/or through your website.
2. What is credit card processing?
Credit card processing is simply the action of accepting credit cards through your merchant account. With the merchant account you will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), and Discover. You also have the option of accepting checks electronically.
3. What are the requirements for a merchant account?
We have a 99% approval rate even for customers who have poor or no credit. The only real requirements are to fill out a merchant account application.
4. How long days it take to receive my money?
Your credit card processing sales will deposit directly from your merchant account to your current checking account with in 2 business days.
5. What makes VIP Merchant Account #1 for my credit card processing needs?
VIP Merchatn Account executive board members have been providing top quality merchant accounts for 12 years. As a merchant Service leader we strive to provide Extremely fair and low cost credit card processing. We fully disclose all fees and unlike most financial companies we WILL NOT add unnecessary fees.
6. How much will it cost me?
Your total monthly cost is $5.00 that is about the cost of a hamburger! Of course if you process credit cards you will pay a small percentage of the sale but this is the whole goal. Every customer that comes to InfinityProcessing.com receives the same costs and benefits package. This way VIP Merchatn Account.com can stay consistent with their pricing and every business is treated equally. This is what us #1 in providing credit card processing and merchant accounts.
7. How do I apply for a merchant account?
Start accepting credit cards through a merchant account immediately by calling us direct at (800) 494-7180.  One of our friendly merchant account experts will gladly assist you.


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